Frequently Asked Questions.

"My Profile" FAQs

  1. Can I reduce how often I see the "cookie" message?
  2. Do I get received mail alerts?
  3. How can I stay anonymous?
  4. How do I change my password?
  5. How do I change my username and other details?
  6. How do I edit the "I Like" star ratings?
  7. How do I upload a photo - I seem to have problems?!
  8. Should I post a photo?
  9. Can another member take over my Invite?
  10. How do I delete my profile?

Dealing with Other Users

  1. Can I prevent a user contacting me?
  2. Can I report offensive content?
  3. How can I search for both men and woman for walking partners, not just for love?
  4. How can I use the forum effectively?
  5. How do I contact other members?

Online Dating FAQs

  1. Does online dating work?
  2. Is online dating safe?

Payment FAQs

  1. How do I pay by Direct Debit?
  2. How long is the contract?
  3. PayPal Aaaaargh! Call their free phone: 0800 358 7929
  4. Who is PayPal? Why do you use them?
  5. What method of payments do you accept?
  6. How do I cancel or restart my monthly payments?
  7. My credit card needs renewing on PayPal - what do I do?
  8. How do I pay?
  9. Is the service free?
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